About Me

I want to bring the humanity back into the tech world, to create a more authentic and community-centric local market for the people of Dallas. I created Detechtive Solutions with this thought process being the big picture rather than lost in the background as seems to be the case with other big tech stores that leaves everything feeling more transactional than anything else. The first spark that showed me this was required happened in 2019 when I was working for a telecom retailer and witnessed countless people having tech support issues with nowhere to turn, especially without being pressured to buy a product or insurance. Seeing some families drive over 20 minutes and wait in queues just for a simple tech issue.

To that end Detechtive solutions is here to serve you, the client, first and then solve your tech issue. We have no product to push, no metrics to achieve, we can resolve your phone and computer issues or consult on an upcoming electronic purchase with absolutely no bias. We have no sponsors other than you, the people of Dallas, and that is why our talented Detechtives will ensure you get the best information and best service possible that is custom tailored to your needs.

When you hire a Detechtive, you will know you are part of a community that has strong commitments to you and your needs. Tech support does not have to be overwhelming and alien, our Detechtives believe in empowering you with the best tools of all: knowledge and security. I personally want you to feel secure in the services we provide and when a Detechtive leaves your home, you’re not left wondering what it is you paid for.