Smartphone Services

Lost your pictures? Phone going slow? Just got a new phone and want your settings imported from your old one? This is the option for you, our detechtives will make sure your phone is working exactly how you want it to.

Parental Controls

Need to secure your home devices and smart devices from your children's curiousity? Look no further, we'll make sure your children stay safe from content you deem too inappropriate for them!

Computer Troubleshooting

Choose this option if you need any sort of assistance with the software of a PC or MAC computer / laptop. If you computer is going too slow, can't seem to access websites, computer keeps blue screening, or even need assistance picking out a new laptop so you get the best bang for your buck.

Data Recover

Delete your important document and didn't back it up? Have a Detechtive recover important documents and files you deleted!

Technical Training

Ever have the desire to be tech-savvy yourself and not rely on others to do the work? Let our Detechtives tutor you! Whether you want to learn to navigate your PC easier, learn all the fancy functions of your new Phone or smart TV, learn how to use VPNs to ensure your privacy on your PC. Get your technical know-how with us, and let our detechtives patiently teach you the basics!

Computer & Network set up

Having issues with your wireless internet? Moving to a new apartment/house and don't want the hassle of connecting all you devices and televisions to the internet again? Getting a new router or modem and don't have the time to set it up? Pick this option and schedule a detechtive to come out and set it all up for you!